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sunil tinani Bullbull.inThanks for dropping by.

I’m Sunil Tinani, an investor and researcher. Welcome to my site.

Before anything, know that I’m a plain vanilla and small investor with loads of market experience. I am not SEBI registered, not affiliated to any brokerage, nor do I run an PE. 

BullBull is a webzine created to achieve two goals:

(i) To zero in on stocks that have potential (through research and by keeping my ears to the ground)

(ii) To help stock market investors by passing on information that they can use for further research.

This site is free to use and I don’t even need your email IDs because there is nothing to market.

Remember, the stocks featured on this website are not recommendations. You should use this information for further research or consult your stock broker before acting on the information on this site.

Thanks again for dropping by, and if you have anything to communicate, please use the form below or contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

Sunil Tinani

BullBull Team (we’re in the process of building it up):

Varinder Yadav

varinder yadav Bullbull

Varinder Yadav has been working as a technical analyst in the equity markets. He possesses 12 years of experience and currently operates a Destimoney franchise.