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Articles by sunil.tinani

What is Volume Spread Analysis and How To Use It

Volume Spread Analysis or VSA analyzes candles (or bars) and volume-per-candle to determine price direction by figuring out demand and supply. It takes into account 3 key factors: 1. The quantity of Volume per candle…

how to play the synthetic short options strategy

How Physical Settlement of Derivatives Works

Here is a simple reckoner for how the forthcoming physical settlement in derivatives will work: PART A: FUTURES On expiry, the the unexpired futures will be settled as: (a) Long futures shall result into a…

how to analyze call and put writing

How to Play Options in the Earnings Season

This is an easy options trading strategy and very profitable if you play it right: You know ha he earnings season can cause massive volatility in he stock price resulting in massive spikes or dramatic…