Date: 14-02-2018
CMP: 204
Notes: Part of the $5B Allana group. Consistent profit making company that has now started manufacturing resins for composites, which are the future. IVP also manufactures polyurethane for footwear, resins for ferrous and non ferrous metal manufacturing, insulation and refractory resins. This is a high quality, must-own stock with a solid future. Discl: I own some.

Gujarat Poly Electronics

Date: 12-02-2018
CMP: 14
Notes: High tech ceramic capacitors company promoted by Polychem. Was set up in technical collab with AVX Corp of USA. Polychem bought back AVX's stake in 2016-17. Company was into losses, but is now turning around. Being recommended for its high quality parentage and high tech products used in new applications.

Sunshield Chemicals

Date: 08-02-2018
CMP: 323
Notes: This is a Solvay company that is into Surfactants and specialty chemicals (Like Galaxy Surfactants). Despite past losses it is expensive because it is a Solvay company. Solvay, for those not in the know, is a MNC that is in the same line of business as BASF. Disclosure: I own some.

Cerebra Integrated

Date: 29-01-2018
CMP: 56.25
Notes: The company has gotten over its troubles and is now into emerging and futuristic businesses such as e-waste recycling, refurbishment market, making computers with mega processing power for big clients. It's in a niche place and poised to grow. Clean and committed management. Disclosure: I bought some today @ 56 after writing this post.

RS Software

Date: 24-01-2018
CMP: 83.80
Notes: This stock is recommended purely on its future prospects: (1) Secure mobile payments enabler (tie-up with ThreatMatrix) (2) Big data Analytics which is big business (3) Anti-Fraud software for ecommerce merchants (4) Mobile Wallets (Co enables Rupay card of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)). The future looks fantastic for this company. Consider adding it to your PF the long term. Current performance is disappointing though, but things change.

Inventure Growth & Securities

Date: 16-01-2018
CMP: 14
Notes: Turnaround stock engaged in financialization, a hot theme. Has 5 subsidiaries (NBFC, Insurance, Commodities, Wealth Management and Merchant Banking). Site claims to have 224 business locations across India. Company turned the corner in 2017 and should be watched for 2 quarters. Demerger is possible. Standalone BV 20, EPS 40 paise, CMP 14. If results don't keep up for 2Qs, get rid of it.

Polylink Polymers

Date: 11-01-2018
CMP: 21.70
Notes: The biggest reason to consider this stock is because its Chairman is the MD of India Glycols. Polylink has a solid business model. It manufactures plastic compounds for a wide range of plastics used in engineering, agriculture, power, etc., industries. FV 5, BV 5. This stock is featured here because of its biz model and solid management pedigree. Promoters hold 75% equity.

Almondz Global

Date: 08-01-2018
CMP: 32
Notes: Low profits from debt segment set to reverse this year. Has 5 subsidiaries, all doing well now. Good clientele across its 4 Indian ROs. Director buying stock regularly (maybe on some development we don't know yet). 2 EPS this year, better next year. Dilip Kumar Lakhi holds 11.7 lakh shares.


Date: 03-01-2018
CMP: 29
Notes: This stock has been in the trash can for years now. Given the government's aggressive disinvestment policies and the thrust on infrastructure, my opinion is that this stock should go places in the short-long term. The company too has turned positive in the Sep 17 quarter.


Date: 02-01-2018
CMP: 10.20
Notes: Debt issues resolved. Rock solid business model. Company makes anti-fraud, anti-hack, logistics and revenue-enabling software for telcos. Top 50 global telcos are its clients. It looks good from any angle for the medium-long term.