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Price Action Guide -Part 5: How To Draw A Trendline

Technical chartists always assume that stock prices prices trend. To figure out support and resistance levels, chartists draw trendlines. A trendline, therefore, is a sloping line (that you draw) which helps you identify levels of support…

selecting time period on charts

How To Choose A Candlestick Time Period on a Chart

Beginner traders and investors often get confused about the time period to set while performing technical analysis. Depending on the trading style and strategy, you should choose from the following time periods: Monthly Weekly Daily…

understanding candlestick formations

Price Action Guide – Part 3: Interpreting Candlesticks

Candlesticks are the Japanese way of representing price movements on a chart. Candlesticks are pretty comprehensive, and these cover the opening, closing, high and low prices. The opening and closing is represented by a body…

MacD explained

MACD Bullish Crossover: How To Profit From It

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) has many elements attached to it. There’s the signal line (9 Day EMA), the MACD line (26 -(minus) 12 day EMA), the histogram and the zero line. Without getting…