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sms stocks scam fraud india

Are SMSes Tricking You Into Buying These Stocks?

0.0 00 Many unscrupulous operators have started sending SMSes that look like they are being sent by authoritative sources such as HDFC, Stock Axis, Kotak, Share Khan, etc. These SMSes recommend stocks whose prices are…

Hedging with put options

How To Hedge Your Portfolio With Put Options

0.0 00 There’re a lot of kinky stuff going around the Indian stock markets. Low GST collections/compliance, the Trump-Jong Mexican standoff, Fed interest rate hikes, huge bank NPAs, low earning forecasts, uncertainty about when growth…

Sly stock market operators India

How Operators Trick Investors – 2

0.0 00 I’ll explain what happened with the help of screenshots. Stock monitored was Gravita Industries. The key here is that many investors view the book before making buying or selling decisions and some operators…