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Bull and bear stock markets india

Is The Indian Stock Market in a Bear Phase?

0.0 00 The first thing to understand is whether the Indian markets are in a bear phase. There are two ways to figure this out – Technical and Fundamental. Let’s analyze each. A. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS…

Stock market trading strategies

The 2-2-2 Trading Strategy For Maxing Profits

5.0 01 This is the strategy suggested to me by an influential stock broker from Mumbai: I don’t believe in writing long-form content and therefore will make this short and to the point. Here’s the…

NSE rillover data and how to profit from it

How To Profit From Rollover Data

0.0 00 You already know that traders and investors buy and sell stocks and indices in the futures market by paying a margin, usually 25% on the day of the transactions + mark-to-market differences as…