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options writing strategies

How To be One Step Ahead of an Options Writer

An Options Writer makes his money based on your IMPULSIVENESS. He wants you to get all EXCITED on either side, Bullish or Bearish, and jump into an Options trade that is Out of the Money….

how to write options for beginners

Trade Setup For Options Writers

Many of you folks who are fascinated by option writing must first know that it is a complex game that requires speed, discipline and nerves. It is not a game that everyone can play. This…

options greeks trading strategies

The Facts About Options Greeks

There are many sensitives to an option: TIME: The time left up to the expiry. STRIKE PRICE: The price at which you are buying or selling the option. OPTION PREMIUM: The premium of the call…

secrets of options writers

7 Secrets of Option Writers

Have you ever bough or sold an Out-Of-The-Money (OTM) Option? Wait a minute. Do you know what anĀ Out-Of-The-Money Option is? If you are unfamiliar with options terms, read this article first. If you buy out-of-the-money…