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Stock market trading strategies

Short Strangle: Options Strategy for Steady Stocks

The Short Strangle strategy is for stocks that are extremely STEADY or for stocks with a near term neutral outlook. As this strategy requires shorting, it MUST be squared up intraday (preferably) unless you are…

protective collar strategy options

Protective Collar Strategy

A Protective Caller strategy is suited for FNO stock investorsĀ and Option Writers who are bullish on a stock but would like to eat premiums too. It involves: a. Buying x number of any FNO stocks…

bull put strategy option trading

Bull Put Spread Strategy

A bull put spread is a low risk, low gain spread that entails trading in two puts (PEs) that expire on the same date but at different strike prices. You have to short one put…

Bull and bear stock markets india

The Basics of Options Trading

Options are a part of the Futures-And-Options (FNO) market and you can buy and sell options only for stocks traded in the FNO market (think medium and large caps). The standard definition of options is…

basics of technical analysis

Options Trading: Bull Call Spread

A bull call spread is a low risk spread that consists of two calls (CEs) that expire on the same date but have different strike prices. You have to short one call one strike price…