Swastika Investmart multibagger

Swastika Investmart – Massive Multibagger Potential

4.0 01 Falling interest rates and rising stock markets have ensured that investments in the financial space, particularly in stocks and shares, are on the rise in India. Stock prices of quality brokerages have gone…

Slow moving multibaggers

NSE-BSE Stocks You Must Track

0.0 00 THESE STOCKS ARE FOR TRACKING AND RESEARCH PURPOSES. These companies are recommended based on news and announcements. In many cases, recent announcements gets played out in the price in the short-long term period….

Hidden Gems in the Indian stock market

Unhidden Gems and Stones

5.0 01 This post lists stocks with potential (Gems), on stocks that should be avoided (Stones), and those that lie somewhere in between. The list will be updated often. That said, please use your own…