The 1 Minute Candle Supertrend-Price Action Trading Strategy

1 minute candle trading strategy

This Strategy will work on:


High Priced volatile stocks.

This is because if you work on a low priced stock, the one minute movement will likely be in a few paise, making the trade un-remunerative.

Also, Supertrend gives good opportunities on 1 Minute candles for volatile stocks and indices. Check it out on non volatile stocks and compare.

Learn how to discover volatile stocks.


Supertrend (7, 3)

1 Minute Candles

The ability to draw straight lines


Free Screeners are not available for 1 Minute Candles and therefore identifying stocks in a live market without access to a paid tool is not possible.

You need to work with indices and volatile stocks based on previous day’s EOD data.

How To Play The Supertrend-Price Action Strategy

A. Buy Signal

1 minute candle trading strategy

A Buy signal was generated for BNF today at 10.15 AM.

You should mark the support on this candle (the pink line) and enter into a trade.

Thereafter, you should keep marking supports every 10 minutes.

If the stock falls and breaks the support, sell and book profit.

If the trade works in your favor, trail your SL.

Your first SL should be your first support line.

So long the stock remains a Buy as per Supertrend. you can make entries and exits. You can view in the chart above that so long the Supertrend signalled a buy, there were 2-3 entries and exits.

B. Sell Signal

1 minute candle price action trading strategy

A Buy signal was generated for BNF today at 11.00 AM.

You should mark the resistance on this candle (the pink line) and enter into a trade.

Thereafter, you should keep marking resistance points every 10 minutes.

If the stock starts rising and pierces the resistance upwards, buy and book profits or losses.

If the trade works in your favor, trail your SL downward.

Why is Price Action Combined with Supertrend?

This is because Supertrend (7,3) is a slow signal. It lasts for many candles and it is extremely slow when it comes to exit alerts.

When you draw support and resistance lines, you can overcome Supertrend’s slowness and at the same time take advantage of the fact that it lasts for many candles.

So go ahead and paper trade this strategy and tweet if it works for you.

11 Comments on "The 1 Minute Candle Supertrend-Price Action Trading Strategy"

  1. Hi sir I read this white article regarding one minute candle stick strategy along with super trend. I have found about what parameters you have taken to draw support line or resistance line where there is no indication given by supertrend. You mentioned above that draw a support line every 10 minutes. Can you elaborate clearly to understand very well. Super trend gives signal with arrow markes to trend confirmation with red and green to buy or sell but in chart you mention there no signals like that.

    • The arrows are present. You cannot view them because the chart is zoomed out. Why don’t you plot the BNF 1m chart for today and check?

      Second, I have drawn a line at 10 minutes because I’m working on 1 minute charts and would like to mark levels frequently so that I can exit if extreme volatility hits.

  2. Sir,
    What is the role of the 50MA indicator here? Are you using it to confirm the trend in any manner? Thanks.

  3. Rajesh Sankaranarayanan | October 27, 2018 at 5:38 am | Reply

    If we have paid subscription of chartink, is it possible to use this strategy on F&O or Cash stocks?

  4. Sir, Thank you for the excellent work. Is it possible to implement it on Streak?

    • Streak exits are limited and unidimensional. And so long the algo fulfills the main condition, it will keep trading for you. For example,can you tell streak to stop trading after 1 trade? I don’t think so. However, if Streak has improved on this functionality, please do let me know. Thanks.

  5. Marshall Sarkhedi | October 28, 2018 at 6:38 am | Reply

    10 Minutes low will be Support Level ???\
    Am i on Right track ????

  6. sunil.tinani
    thank you sir
    no one going to share their secret of profit .. earning ideas

    well said..
    but, i have one little doubt. for BUY, you said…in every 10 Minutes, low will be the Support Level.

    if in 10 minutes time, in between 1 or 2 low points arise ( in the higher side), like 10.21am & 10.28am (picture 1) , lowest of the 10 minutes candles ( 24658 / 10.28am ) is better or as you explained earlier the low of last candle in the 10 mints is better ? little confused.

    N Prasad

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