How Many Companies Under Adani Group? What Is Their Debt?

Adani Enterprises Prospects

Adani Group owns and operates the following companies:

  • Adani Enterprises
  • Adani Green Energy
  • Adani Ports
  • Adani Total Gas
  • Adani Power
  • Adani Transmission
  • Adani Wilmar

Here they are at a glance (as of September 30, 2022):

(Rs in Crores Except for EPS)

Company Equity & ReservesGross Debt
short- and long-term
Current Assets
Revenues AnnualizedProfit BeforeTax
Profit After Tax AnnualizedEPS Annualized
Adani Ent36,00056,000*79,3001,60,0002,6001,80016.50
Adani Green6,80054,800*56,4006,8008907303.80
Adani Ports43,90045,700*85,60022,3006,0005,80026
Adani Total Gas2,7001,220*4,2504,6007506005.40
Adani Power24,20046,500*67,30041,50010,000^7,500^18-25**
Adani Transm.11,60033,500*43,50013,2009007207-9
Adani Wilmar7,8003,700*6,20058,0006404603.50-5

*Gross Debt = Short term + Long Term Debt + Other Current Liabilities + Lease Liabilities

^Adani Power’s other income in Q2 2023 was way above the usual. So, this number is my approximation

** Adani Power’s net profits swing unevenly quarter to quarter, so this number too is my approximation

All figures rounded off

All figures are from consolidated operations

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