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14-9-20: General market commentary – DII selling is not letting up and FII buying is not matching . The following stocks have potential in this choppy market: 

General Strategy: (this strategy only for day trades) Wait till 9.30. After 9.30 wait for 15M candle to cross above 15M VWAP for buys. SL 0.5%-1% because you are buying momentum. Reverse strategy for shorts.

14-9-20KEC349Bullish (long term)354It should sustain above 354 in the first 15 minutes to qualify as a buy
14-9-20Indo Count88Bullish (short term)89I've recommending it since 9t was in the 70s. Still looks good. But it must hold this price for at least 30 mins
14-9-20Dabur505Bullish (swing)515Needs to cross 515 to trigger
14-9-20Zydus1658Bullish (swing)1686Looks solid on charts
14-9-20FDC344Bullish (long term)348Looks solid on charts
10-9-20Advance Enzymes230Accumulate on dipsNAEnzymes are used in most industries and are classified as greentech. There's no rush to buy this stock. accumulate on dips.
10-9-20Uflex335Bullish (Swing)340It is looking strong on charts
10-9-20Lupin962Bullish (Short-Medium)970Looking good on charts
10-9-20Mphasis1148Bullish (Swing)1165Looking solid on charts
10-9-20TCS2331Bullish (Swing)2350IT sector should perform in near term


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  1. RAJESH N RATHOD | May 20, 2020 at 7:43 am | Reply


  2. Very informative Sir

  3. Upendra Pancholi | June 17, 2020 at 6:15 pm | Reply

    Very informative. We need some serious updates on the market movement and shares in particular.

  4. Thanks for sharing this info, keep posting…

    Varun Sethupathi

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