List of Hotel Stocks that Benefit from GST Changes

Hotels and restaurants GST impact

The government has substantially reduced and simplified GST on hotels and restaurants. Here is a list of most hospitality companies (listed) and how these will be impacted starting from November 2017:

1. Asian Hotels (West)302Owns Hyatt Regency, Mumbai and JW Marriott, Delhi Aerocity. Charges upwards of 7500 per night, so may will be benefitted.
2.Asian Hotels (East)273Owns Hyatt Regency (Kolkata and Chennai). Same comment as the one above.
3. Asian Hotels (North)136Operates one hotel - Hyatt Regency (main Delhi). Astronomically priced rooms and no additional GST benefits, but these Asian Hotel stocks are already zooming.
4. Advani Hotels and Resorts63Owns the Caravela beach resort in Goa.. prices rooms between 6999 to over 1 lakh per night.. will not benefit much
16. EIH Hotels151Owns Oberoi, Trident and one Maidens Hotel in Delhi. Will benefit.
5. EIH Associated Hotels355Associated company of EIH. The Trident chain should benefit because rooms are priced at 7500.
6. Howard Hotels6.60Owns one hotel Howard Plaza in Agra. Penny stock.
7. Indian Hotels1125 star hotel chain. No additional GST benefits.
8. James Hotel31Owns 1 hotel in Chandigarh. Will benefit.
9. Jindal Hotels59Owns one hotel in Vadodara, Surya Palace, which will now be rebranded as Grand Mercure Vadodara Surya Palace. Will benefit.
10. Kamat Hotels124Will benefit, but has appreciated 500% in the last 12 months
11.Peco's Hotels and Pubs68Owns pubs. Will benefit from lower tax on restaurants.
12. Polo Hotels9Owns 2 properties (Panchkula). Will benefit, but company is under surveillance by BSE.
13.TGB Banquets56Owns 3 hotels (surat, Ahmedabad and Indore). Will benefit.
14. Velan Hotels5.95Owns 2 hotels (Coonoor and Tirupur). Will benefit but company is into losses.
15. Hotel Leela205 star hotels.. no additional GST benefit
16.Viceroy Hotels17Will benefit.
17. TajGVK164Owns pricey 5 star properties. May not benefit.
18.Graviss Hospitality22.75Owns Hotel Intercontinental Drive, Mumbai. Will not benefit.
19.Royal Orchid135Will benefit
20. Benaras Hotels1100Owns 2 hotels (Varanasi and Maharashtra). Will benefit.
21.Sinclairs Hotel402Will benefit
22.Mahindra Holiday343Will benefit
23.Country Club Hotels15Will benefit
24.Mac Charles454It;s in Z group. Best to avoid.
25. Fomento Hotels and Resorts153Owns Cidade De Goa. Will benefit.
26.CHL21Owns The Suryaa, New Delhi. Will benefit if it creatively prices its club and deluxe rooms.
27. Savera Industries68Owns a hotel in Chennai. Will benefit. Also owns a few restaurant brands .
28. Oriental Hotels39Gateway and Vivanta Taj hotels. Will benefit.
29. ITDC531Government co, owns the Ashok group of hotels. It also is a diversified business (engineering, HR, duty free trade). Looks like the pick of the lot.
30. Gujarat Hotels134ITC associate company. Owns Welcomgroup Vadodara. Rooms are pricey.
31Specialty Restaurants118Will benefit from composite scheme
32Royale Manor11Owns one 5 star hotel in Ahmedabad, The Gateway Hotel Ummed. Penny stock with +ve EPS.
33. Best Eastern65Owns the Usha ascot in Matheran. Will benefit, but in a limited way.
34. Sayaji Hotels248Owns hotels in Tier 2 cities. Will benefit, but is a loss making company.
35.Dhanada Corp3.30Penny hotel stock. Owns 7-8 VITS hotels around the country. Also into engineering, energy and education. Will benefit, but is loss making. very illiquid stock.
36. HS India11.20Owns Lords Plaza Hotel in Surat. Will benefit.

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  1. Sandeep Choudhury | November 11, 2017 at 6:03 am | Reply

    Byke Hospitality??

  2. SAURABH MAHESHWARI | November 11, 2017 at 6:07 am | Reply

    Sir do you feel that ITC can also be somewhere can be benefited as they r also growing in hotel business as well as fmcg..

  3. Stock Axis has given a buy call on Kamat Hotels for a target of 240Rs in 18-24 months in it’s trial service.

  4. Dr Shrinivas Kalliguddi | November 11, 2017 at 6:44 am | Reply

    What about The Byke Hospitality sir?

  5. Thanks nice research.

  6. What about The Byke Hospitality sir

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