This Company Makes this Wonder Polymer that has Futuristic Applications

wonder chemical Methyl-methacrylate

This wonder polymer CURRENTLY is used in the following applications:

1. Safety glass glazing (think EVs)

2. Panels and light displays (think electrification)

3. Food and pharma packaging (think growing population)

4. Surface coatings (think paints and finishes, metal coatings)

5. Automobile industry in OEM manufacture (think EVs again)

6. LCDs

7. Hip and knee replacements (think healthcare and growing number of elders)

8. To strengthen cement

In the future, this wonder polymer will be used in making nanocomposites

Nanocomposites are materials that are created by combining nano-sized particles with standard materials.

Nanocomposites are used to design and create new materials that are very strong and flexible.

In other words, an advanced material.

A this stage, you must know that graphene-based composites

Now, this wonder polymer improves Substantially when a wee bit of Graphene is added to it (See Reference 1 below). Its electrical,thermal & mechanical poperties improve by as much as 67% and it can be used in futuristic applications such as:

1. Electronics devices (think electronics and mobile devices of the future)

2. Energy storage (think fuel cells, solar cells, wind energy)

3. Sensors (these will be used almost in all walks of life)

4. Biomedical applications (think better dental and bone replacement)

5. Stronger and long-lasting infrastructure

6. Batteries and Ultracapacitors (think Lithium batteries)

What’s the name of this Wonder Polymer?

It’s PolyMethyl Methacrylate

Which Listed Companies makes PolyMethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)?

The prominent manufacturer is GSFC (Gujarat State Fertilizer Corp)

It is also made by Bhansali Industries

Should I buy GSFC or Bhansali stock now?

No. But track these. All these graphene-based nanocomposites are materials of the future and these companies will be the biggest supplier of raw material in the future.

Track them and add on dips after the market stabilizes. With Rupee at 72 bucks, one should budget for a fall.

This article was written on 6 September 2018 – Revisit it after a year to review stock prices.

Reference 1: Nanocomposites

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