A Guide to Ashwani Gujral

how to analyze ashwani gujral

Would you go all the way to Delhi to shoot Ashwani Gujral’s picture for this blog post?

Of course, you won’t.

So I took your unsolicited advice and borrowed the featured photo from this site.

Okay, let’s start.

I know many investors do not like Ashwani Gujral and folks that listen to him are often impacted by Verbal Dysdecorum. I also am assuming that such investors get hysterical and gooey slime often drips from their facial orifices.

For those who are unaware, Verbal Dysdecorum is an incredibly rare and strange brain disorder in which patients can’t censor themselves.

That’s because the right part of their brain goes defunct after entering into a couple of wrong trades suggested by his honor.

For those who are unaware, the right part of your brain controls your words and helps you appear as a decent human being, which apparently you are not. Heh, heh.

Anyway, let’s now really start.

Ashwani Gujral is an intra-hour trader and his understanding of macro and micro economic factors is unparalleled. He also is, as  you already know, a brilliant technical analyst.

He may change his position during the day, like an Arab sheikh switches between wives, and this is one factor that many investors do not understand, making them abuse AG.

Here is how you can understand him:


This is time when Ashwani is absolutely at his highest quality level. His understanding of the economy, the market setup, technical set up. Gems (not gems from Gitanjali) pour out from his lower facial cavity that is surrounded by the kissing muscle (mouth, in plain English).

This is the commentary you must absorb because it is the second most valuable bit of information you will get from Ashwani during the day. What’s the first? I’ll come to that.


At this stage, Ashwani may have firmed up his mind about taking a trade and his commentary could be veered around that. He would be likely influenced by his reading of the market setup and to some extent by by what other analysts say.

Know that Ashwani’s position may change during the day depending on news and technicals, and therefore, if you are an investor, you should know that his advice is valid for the day, and perhaps for 1-2 hours if the market is all choppy like Bruce Lee.


His commentary on the market is again guided by his position and reading of the market situation (mostly by technicals). I can tell you with full confidence that his success ratio is 70%, which is damn good.


There are occasions when Ashwani talks about cash stocks and says things such as “this stock is doing something special,” “this stock is now behaving like (another multibagger).”

These are the snippets you must latch on to.

You have no idea how I have benefited from Ashwani’s advice. I logged out of HCC at 45 because of his suggestion. I can vouch that he was among the first analysts to suggest stocks such as Tata Global (170-290), Hudco (70-100), Hind Copper (60-100), and many many more.

Know that such recos are not suggested daily. You may at most get 1-2 in a week, but for that you have to stay glued to CNBC latching on to Gujral’s every word.

This is the commentary that no investor must miss. It’s pure gold!

Despite not subscribing to AG’s service, I have benefited from his calls, and respect his knowledge and trading acumen. IMO, there is no other analyst that is so open and outspoken like him and though I tend to get irreverent sometimes, the respect for Ashwani Gujral will always remain.

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  1. sir confirm, AG use which interday treading system ?? if u have knowledge about it will help us all

  2. Nice work Sunilji. Agree.

  3. Parthasarathi | May 5, 2018 at 7:09 pm | Reply

    Sir, Any guide to Sp Tulsian.?

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