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Daily Stock Market Intelligence

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Daily Stock Market Intelligence
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Disclaimer: Markets are subject to global and local factors that keep changing, and therefore the comments made here may lose their validity by tomorrow. Please use this post for study and analysis.

Date: 16-4-19 Tuesday

1. There is something huge happening in Ajanta Pharma. A massive jump in volumes saw the price and OI shooting up but both these returned to previous close levels by the end of the day. On the news front, the company is pushing its generics hard into the USA market and there may be some development on this front that is not known to us.

2. Similar FnO action was witnessed in DLF and DHFL. These counters MUST be tracked.

3. PVR saw a solid jump in OI and volumes in the FnO market. Stock to be tracked.

4. ONGC seems like headed for better days with a rise in price, volumes and OI.

5. Heavy PE writing in 30500, BNF for both 18 and 25 April expiries suggests the index will continue to rise.

Date: 15-4-19 Monday

1. Heavy PE writing in CIpla 560PE indicates that downward risk in this counter is limited.

2. Put writers were busy writing Tata Motors 210-230 PEs. This indicates that writers feel that the price will rise.

3. Coal India rose with heavy volumes while DCB Bank fell with heavy volumes. Stocks to be tracked tomorrow.

4. PC Jewellers 120, 125 and 130 calls were being written towards the close. Be wary of jumping in because heavy CE writing indicates option writers are expecting the stock can fall.

5. Reliance Capital and Idea Futures prices closed above VWAP. Stocks to be watched tomorrow.

6. There was heavy CE writing in Infibeam 55 strike price. Be wary of the rise.

Date: 12-4-19 Friday

1. GMR is 18.65 in the spot market and 19.85 in the Futures market. That makes for an arbitraging margin of 1.07%. Those who flip between FnO and spot markets can start tracking.

2. Massive volumes in the TV18 Broadcast counter coupled with a 9% jump in price indicates that this stock will do well going forward.

3. GAIL too witnessed a spike in OI and volumes along with a rise in price. Fundamentals are bullish too with CNG filling stations mushrooming all across India.

4. Heavy PE writing in ITC between of 300 and 305 strike prices indicates that the counter may rise.

5. The price of VGuard crossed above its VWAP in the futures market. Stock to be tracked.

Date: 11-4-19 Thursday

1. Godrej Consumer Products witnessed a 14.8% rise in OI but the price was flat. This is one stock to be tracked. If it breaks out onn the charts with volumes, it becomes a buy.

2. Manappuram Finance witnessed heavy buying in the FnO market. In the Options market, its 125 PEs were being covered while 130 CEs were being written, implying limited upside, but you never know because options writers can be wrong.

3. PVR too witnessed good buying in the FnO market with a 12% rise in OI and a 1.4% rise in price. Stock to be watched.

4. BEL witnessed a rise in OI with a fall in price. Is there some bad news around the corner, or was today’s movement a blip?

5. Heavy 11800CE and 11500PE writing for Nifty for 25 April Expiry puts the range at 11500-11800 for the month.

6. Heavy deliveries (OI rise) were absorbed in the capital goods sector along with a moderate rise in price. Something seems to be up in this sector.

7. Muthoot Finance is another stock to be watched out for. There was a rise in volume, OI and price today.

Date: 10-4-19

1. An 18% rise in volume coupled with a 9% rise in price and 420% rise in volumes in Infibeam indicates that someone in the know has picked up stock in the FnO market.

2. Godrej Consumer Product can be a stock to watch. The FnO market witnessed a 255% rise in volume with a 7.5% rise in OI. If market starts trending up, it could be a stock to watch.

3. Jet Airways – The cash price is 263 and the Futures price is 243. The premium between the cash and futures market fluctuates between Rs 8 and Rs 22-23. It is now at 20. If you want to take your chances in arbitraging….. (likewise, there is a Rs 4 gap in Reliance Capital, with futures cheaper than the spot price…)

4. The realty sector saw a sharp drop in OI. Is the dream run over for the time being?

5. Heavy call writing (11600-11700) and put covering (11500) in Nifty indicates we may have a tough session tomorrow, but you never know..

6. Very heavy put writing for Cipla 540 indicates that the stock may move up.

7. Heavy call writing for Wipro 285 and 290 CE and 280 PE indicates that the stock may move in a range for some time.

Date: 9-4-19

1. A 14% rise in volume coupled with a 1% rise in price of the BNF indicates that it may head higher on 10-4-19

2. A 11% rise in OI of DHFL coupled with massive volumes and a 4% surge in price in the last session of trade indicates that informed buyers are chasing the stock.

3. Just Dial is a stock to be watched tomorrow. Operators were toying with it in the FnO market and it can move sharply tomorrow, mostly up.

4. Ashok Leyland saw heavy volumes and short covering today in the futures market. It may catch the Maruti fever tomorrow and snake its way up.

5. Heavy volumes were witnessed in the Sun Pharma stock which recouped all its losses. Should be watched tomorrow.

6. Wipro could be the IT stock to watch in 2019. Heavy volumes coupled with a 3.5% rise in price may see it heading higher tomorrow.

7. Bajaj Auto too was chased in the futures market. Stock may head higher tomorrow.

8. Call covering in ICICI Bank indicates that writers are nervous that the stock may rise.

9. Reliance Capital recouped all its losses and closed above its VWAP in the Futures market. Looks interesting.

10. MCX may move wildly tomorrow as it recovered its losses today. Stock to be tracked tomorrow.

These are 10 highlights that are appropriate to publish. There are others too, but 10 cues seem more than enough.


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  1. Could you be kind enough to guide where can we get such data

  2. Thanks Rajesh for the response

  3. Taking just an example of Just Dial from yesterdays pick. Any reason for the fall when OI was showing increase in Price and suggested in accordance with the pick Was there a fall in OI subsequently

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