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Disclaimer: Markets are subject to global and local factors that keep changing, and therefore the comments made here may lose their validity by tomorrow. Typically derivative data analysis is good for swing trading (1 day to 2 weeks), but it goes wrong too. Please use this post for study and analysis.

Date: 22-8-19 Thursday

1. Jindal Stainless at 30 bucks looks like an excellent stock to SIP or buy on a fall (around 20-24 levels).

2. Heavy CE writing at 10750 and PE writing at 10700 suggests market may move in a narrow band tomorrow. However, note that bias is very negative.

3. There is solid unwinding in Grasim. It could be because of Idea’s debt. It goes up one day and then falls very hard for 2 days. It does seem that the stock is very weak.

4. There was massive selling in BNF today and going by the ferocity, it seems that over the short term it should hit 25500.

5. RIL too is witnessing massive sales in the FNO segment. If you own the stock, you should exit it now and buy back at lower levels later.

Date: 21-8-19 Wednesday

1. There was massive buying in Nestle today because it will now be shifted to A group.

2. There is something up in penny stock Spentex Industries. An operator has bought 59 lakh shares at 30 paise. Track it if you love micro caps.

3. Massive call writing at Nifty 10950 and put covering at 10900 suggests that tomorrow may be a weak day.

4. Per option writing cues, the BNF range is 27600-28000.

5. Raymond was hammered throughout the day today and looks weak for tomorrow. Put it on your charts.

Date: 20-8-19 Tuesday

1. As per option writing cues the range for tomorrow is 10950 to 11000.

2. MFSL saw very heavy buying today, more so towards the close.

3. Insiders sold out 330000 shares of LTFH at 104 today. This stock looks bearish.

4. MGL saw heavy buying today and NMDC saw heavy selling today. It is possible that the trend will reverse tomorrow for these PSUs. Place these on your charts.

5. Data suggests short covering has started in Concor, and that it may continue tomorrow.

Date: 19-8-19 Monday

1. Global markets are very bullish as I write this, but FPIS are using every rise to sell. Many times it feels that Nifty will do 11300-11400,, but FPIs start hammering near 11200 levels. For tomorrow’s trade the bias at this moment seems bullish.

2. Option writing cues suggest Nifty range at 10950-11100. Today FIIs sold a large quantity of options, maybe CEs. Perhaps they are working to a plan – that they will hammer when Nifty rises and cover back the options they have written.

3. There were heavy sales pressed in MGL and Biocon today.

4. There’s short covering going on in PVR, and perhaps it will continue tomorrow.

5. Tata Motors seems to be in a solid bear grip. Callls are being written and Puts are being covered. It is a sell on rise stock.


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  1. Could you be kind enough to guide where can we get such data

  2. Thanks Rajesh for the response

  3. Taking just an example of Just Dial from yesterdays pick. Any reason for the fall when OI was showing increase in Price and suggested in accordance with the pick Was there a fall in OI subsequently

  4. Good to see market today moving which direction

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