High Profit Chances & Very Minor Loss (If Any) Trading System

bracket momentum trading strategies

Bracket Orders is a system that almost guarantees profits in stocks that have started moving in your desired direction.

Of course, you have to identify the stocks first – or you can choose to sign up with me. More on that later.

The beauty of bracket trading is that once you identify a stock with potential and enter a bracket order, the chances of your winning are high, of losing are very small and the losses will be minuscule.

The BIGGEST ADVANTAGE is that once you feed in the order, the system will trade for you. You don’t have to do anything.

It’s like semi-bot trading.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how you should place bracket orders.

This tutorial is for DESKTOP TOOL – ODIN.

Bracket Orders Tutorial


1. Identify a stock that has the potential to move up or down. In this example, I have identified Apollo Tyres on the buy side.

CMP is 165.75

I feel that if it crosses 167.50, it can head to 175.

Now, I want to buy at 167.50 with a stop loss range of 164-165.50.

I also want the system to keep trailing my Stop Loss by Re 1 for every Re 2 increase in price of the stock.

2. Fill in your order. Click on orders and choose the Bracket Order link.

how to place a bracket trading order

3. Enter your buy price, stops and targets.

Note that I have entered 167.50 in the price column (in the blue section in the first half)


I have entered my trigger price (165.50) which is my SL and a range price of 164, just in case the stock starts falling hard and the system cannot get rid of it at 165.50.

Then in my trailing SL I have entered 1.00 in the JUMP PRICE and 2.00 in the LTP JUMP PRICE

What this means is that for every Rs 2 gain in Apollo Tyres, the system will increase (trail) my SL by Re 1.00.

Finally I entered my target price in the PROFIT ORDER DETAIL as 175.

4. Here’s how it would have played out today:

The order was entered when Apollo Tyres was 165.75.

As soon as the stock hit 167.50, the system would have bought it.

When it hit 169,95 high, the system would have trailed my SL to 166.50.

I could choose to book profit at 169.50 by changing my target price in the PROFIT ORDER DETAIL from 175 to 169.50 OR by trailing my SL range to 169-169.50 (from 164-165.50).


1. Once you identify the stock that has the potential to move, you can just feed in the bracket order and then sit back and watch the charts and act when you figure when the stock has moved.

2. If you know how to identify stocks with potential, then this system will work at least 75% in your favor, possibly at a higher percentage of success.

Now, here’s an important note:

1. The tutorial is specific to the ODIN system by Prabhudas Liladher, of which I am an AP. You can use this same system with your broker – just ask him to clarify his ODIN settings.

2. I perform a 360 degree analysis (charts, futures, options, insider and bulk deals) and make recommendations on BullBull Live, a Telegram Channel, and most recos are bracket orders. The chances of winning are high and if you are interested to sign up as a client, call 77079 11100 or go ahead and open an online account with Prabhudas Lilladher and mail me (bullbullstocks(at)gmail(dot)com) your full name and PAN number. I will then claim your account and add you to the Telegram Channel

14 Comments on "High Profit Chances & Very Minor Loss (If Any) Trading System"

  1. T Hanumantha Rao | October 10, 2019 at 1:31 am | Reply

    Looks interesting on print. I tried this couple of times in ANgel. It failed misearably and I ended up losing 35k. If software architecture is robust then what you prescribed works superbly.

    • Maybe you needed to do a 360-degree analyst? Or maybe you tried on a choppy day, or went against the trend? The bracket order thing works like a charm on trending days and stocks.

  2. T Hanumantha Rao | October 10, 2019 at 1:32 am | Reply

    Looks interesting on print. I tried this couple of times in ANgel. It failed misearably and I ended up losing 35k. If software architecture is robust then what you prescribed works superbly.I am a big fan of you Sunil Sir. You appear sincere and truthful to me.

  3. T Hanumantha Rao | October 11, 2019 at 1:47 am | Reply

    Dear Sunil Sir
    The link which has been sent for opening the account is not working. I am being forwarded to runtime error screen. Kindly look into it. My registration is half way through. The guy Mt Jithender who you kept handling 77079 11100 number is of little use in guiding and looks not so passionate about his job. Yesterday one lady called from Prabhudas Liladher and said that she would send me the list of documents which I can send even through whatsapp but neither she sent me the list nor the number to which I can send the reqd documents.
    I think there is some problem with the guys who are running the show.Often in India its the service guys who spoil the product and not the engineers who created it. Looks same case here it. By the way I work for State Bank of India, in hyderabad and I have demat account in SBICAPS & SECURITIES. I also have demat accounts in Angel and Upstox. But as said earlier I am a big fan of you and trust you and your suggestions. Hence even without a wink of an eye I decided to open yet another account. But my enthusiasm is dying down.
    Sorry to state that.
    Still Interested but hopeless, not knowing what to do now.
    Kindly advise.

    Hanumantha Rao Turlapati

  4. I am little skeptical on putting stop loss.The stop loss hunting is a well known fact in the market.

    • Okay.. then do this

      You are buying into momentum right? So place your SL the same as your buy or sell price.. the logic is that once momentum starts the stock moves many points.. you can place the jumps equally depending on stock value.. for example 1/1 for stocks that are 100-200 in value.. in this configuration, in the worst case, you won’t make a loss

  5. I tried the bracket order on ODIN today. But wanted to exit before my target was achieved, didnt know how to do that as im not familiar with ODIN. called up PLindia on the contact numbers provided by you, they kept me on hold for 15 mins before they could close the order.By that time I incurred a loss of approx Rs 5/share. I would prefer i do it on my own without help from your service desk. Can you please let me know how to modify a bracket order in ODIN in this scenario (that is, first leg is executed but want to midify target). By the way your trades are great, but the backoffice support guys needs to improve a lot. Thnx a lot.

  6. Dear Sir,
    From the above article its understood that the BUY order is a LIMIT order, but when i tried it, its executing like a MKT order. Any settings to be made for it to be limit order?

    • Yes, you’re right Leo. As I’m damn busy reading charts and following date during trading hours, this one skipped me. I’ve asked Jitender to call you and show you how to place STOP LOSS order. Sorry, Leo. My bad

  7. Harsimran Singh | November 7, 2019 at 12:21 pm | Reply

    Can I open offline demate account in Prabhudas Liladhar in Chandigarh

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