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This list was updated till 7 December 2018. From 8th December, it is now available for clients and Telegram Channel subscribers only. I need to monetize the site without compromising on educational content. Thanks for understanding.

6-12-18High Grounds----Same set of buyers and sellers selling and buying identical quantities. Perhaps the operator action will take it higher. But know that this is an operator driven stock
6-12-18Punj Lloyd Limited IFCI43,97,267 sold at 4.98IFCI usually sells at the bottom.. track the stock. However,promoter also sold 36,26,733 shares, so unsure if IFCI sold at bottom
6-12-18Vikas EcoTech Limited Vikas Garg75 lakh shares sold at 12Bad sign
6-12-18DaburPromoter30,000 bought at 411Good sign, but small purchase
6-12-18ARVIND LTD. Promoter125000 bought at 100.50Good sign. Promoter bought yesterday as well
6-12-18TOKYO PLAST INTERNATIONAL LTD. Promoter53,933 bought at 43.3Good sign
6-12-18ALEMBIC LTD. Promoter1,66,397 bought at 43Bullish
6-12-18L&T FINANCE HOLDINGS LTD. ----Unsure why people connected to the promoters are selling the stock. Today 105000 shares were sold in the market.
6-12-18Skipper Ltd Promoter43600 shares bought at 91It's near its 12 month low and promoters are buying
6-12-18Jyoti LtdFund
6-12-18ASHIRWAD STEELS & INDUSTRIES LTD. ----Promoters buying stock off market, track it
5-12-18India Steel Works LtdPromoter100000 bought at 1.29Good sign, but this is a penny stock and the total investment is just 1.29 lakhs
5-12-18MAZDA LTD.-$ Promoter20000 bought at 332Good sign though quantity is small. Maybe the expansion plans which were on hold are taking off now
5-12-18Radix Industries (India) Limited Promoter265000 bought at 38.50Bullish
5-12-18INDOWIND ENERGY LTD. Promoter128000 bought at 6.15Good sign
5-12-18Ceinsys Tech Ltd Promoter50000 bought at 90Good sign
4-12-18Navneet EducationConnected Person150000 bought at 110Stock is available cheaper at 106
4-12-18NAVA BHARAT VENTURES LTD. Promoter30,000 bought at 120Stock is available cheaper at 117
4-12-18Magna Electro CastingsPromoter1,56,000 bought at 175Bullish
4-12-18Dhunseri Petchem----Promoter is consistently picking up small quantities. This is a company worth tracking.
4-12-18S H Kelkar and Company Ltd FII Fund430916 bought on 29-11Bullish
4-12-18CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd AB Fund12582988 bought on 29-11Bullish
4-12-18SkipperPromoter--Stock is near 12 month low and promoter is buying regularly, but even that is not supporting the price. Unsure what's up.
4-12-18CeinsysInvestor178923 bought, rate not providedGood sign
4-12-18MEP Infrastructure Developers Ltd Promoter600000 bought at 43Stock languishes at same price
4-12-18Pioneer EmbroideriesInvestor140000 bought at 30Stock has fallen a lot. Unsure if this is a bullish sign, but you can track the stock.
3-12-18BLS Intl ServicesFund11,58,466 sold at 109Stock fell from 114 and closed at 110.
3-12-18NocilPromoter500000 sold at 169.5Unsure what's up with this once fancied stock.
3-12-18GoldiamPromoter's relative21000 sold at 90Wen relatives sell, it is not a good sign
3-12-18Mahindra Logistics Ltd Promoter16.2 lakh shares bought on 29-11There was a fund sale about a week ago. Seems like the management has lapped it up.
3-12-18L&T FINANCE HOLDINGS LTD. Connected person56000 sold at 144Unsure why people in the management are selling
30-11-18ARVIND LTD. Promoter167500 bought at 106Bullish sign. The demerged entity has gotten listed yesterday.
30-11-18ALEMBIC LTD. Promoter2,05,682 bought at 43Good sign. However track the announcements as I've heard that the company is alloting stock at very cheap prices. But I have not yet analyzed that angle.
30-11-18Srikalahasthi Pipes Limited Promoter10,000 bought at 207Promoter's buying regularly and it is a good sign
30-11-18ASTRA MICROWAVE PRODUCTS LTD. ----Promoter's stock got invoked, which means there was no money to pay his debt. At the same time stock moved up 4 bucks. It is possible that the price may be jacked up, be on the sidelines.
30-11-18Adlabs Entertainment Ltd --Promoter's stock got invoked, which means there was no money to pay his debt. Be wary.
30-11-18Mahindra LogisticsPromoter16,22,047 sold at 524Stock is higher at 534, but this is not a good sign
30-11-18GALLANTT ISPAT LTD. Investor15843500 bought off marketSomething up in this stock. Track it.
30-11-18HIMATSINGKA SEIDE LTD. Franklin Templeton507000 bought, rate not providedGood sign for long term
30-11-18ADF FOODS JM Financial246176 bought, rate not providedGood sign for long term
30-11-18GATI LTD. Promoter250000 bought, rate not providedGood sign
30-11-18Indiabulls VenturesPromoter311649 bought, rate not providedGood sign
30-11-18Bharat Heavy Elect Ltd. Fund301,67,975 bought at 68.6Bullish
30-11-18CARE Ratings Ltd Fund1,52,020 bought at 957Good sign
30-11-18Divi's Laboratories Limit Fund18,86,001 sold at 1439Large sale, bad sign

For older deals, please view this Excel Sheet. You can copy the data into your Excel sheet and analyze.



    • Sir, sorry for the delay in replying. Was busy. On Purvanakara — It has built up a formidable brand and reputation in Bangalore, and it is making an impact in Chennai and Hyderabad. management delivers projects on time. Price looks cheap compared to players like Godrej properties. To know about the future and make a substantial investment, I would urge you to talk to the company and know their plans.

      • I am narasimhan from tamilandu 3 months back i bought tvs elc price at 490 till the date not showing the price any up movement? any idea I hold or sell at 420

  1. Thanks for this valuable information sir. Wish I found this site earlier. Also can you please share your insight on LT foods? I’m stuck with it from past 2 months without any upmove.

    • sir
      pls give ur value able advice

      which is best stock in between
      caplin laboratory
      division lab
      sanofi ind

  2. Sir
    As you have suggested manappuram bullish for long term but when we view daily chart on trading view using Supertrend V1 on its showing sell signal.please help how to interpret it.

    • Technicals are used by traders, not investors. At best, investors can use technicals to validate a trend. Business model, management quality, earnings, future prospects and other fundamental factors form the basis for investment.

      To validate your investment ideas, always use 1-day, 1-week and 1-month candles. I can see that Manappuram is bullish on all 3:

  3. Thanks.But can trading view setup be used for short term (positional call) gains?for short term gains do we need to have bullish signal on all three time frame or we can exclude monthly time frame.

    • Do this:

      Overlay 20 EMA, 50 EMA and 200 EMA on the chart.

      If price > 20 DMA and holds, trend is good for hour or so, maybe a day

      If 20 DMA > 50 DMA and holds, the stock is good to hold short term (in this case the price too will cross both EMAs)

      If price crosses 200 DMA, the trend is good for medium-long term

      Use this for frequently traded stocks, not for B group stuff.

    • No Internet in Mohali on 24th.. sorry Mr Shah.. but keep track of Vaishali Pharma.. that is what stood out that day

  4. Adani ports relentless buying….tempting to invest…but is there any specific news about the promoter Gautam adani ?

    • I think it is a buy. Nothing will happen to Adani, he will be in the good books of all political parties.

  5. sunilji where do you get this data from ? even a 30000 share deal is reported by you which is an excellent job you are doing .

  6. Respected Suni ji ,
    My words fail , how to express my Thanks ? Your compilations is extra ordinary. The notes are also worthy.
    Vakharia M J

  7. ADF Food promoters has not reported the stake sell on 18th Sept. It appears that Mr Ashok is consistently reducing his stake in the company

  8. Sir, Any view on Pincon Spirit. I have invested good amount in this company a year back and nowdays I am little bit worry about my investment because company in GSM list. I found this company very good in terms of fundamentals, company is growing very fast at low valuation and have potential to give multi fold return in short span of time. Few days back some FII bought good quantity. Your view can give direction to poor investor.

    • It’s a P group (direct listing) stock. and there’s an element of speculation about it. It started at 60, rushed to 00, fell to 50-60 and then started climbing again when the shell company news hit. You should for now watch the performance and act.

  9. Sir please please guide me for Amtek Auto, Bhushan Steel and Monnet Ispat. I have all the three shares in my portfolio in expectations that there are several potential acquirers who are bidding for takeover of the above three stocks. Please guide me the real pictures. Can these turn out to be a multibagger stocks after turnaround??

    • Suzlon too was taken over by Sun Pharma. It is lagging despite this. All the stocks you have mentioned are iffy. IF and when someone takes over at what haircut, and WHEN will the business revive. If you believe in these stocks, there’s no other option but to hold for the long term. Don’t invest more than 10-15% of your capital in such stocks.

  10. Great work sir. Just curious about a few comments. For ex. for JK Lakshmi cement you have mentioned that “Goldman Sachs sold and Templeton bought” and its a bad sign. Not sure why do you say so. Because both are institutional investors and both are quite reputed. So its just a regular change of hands. Am I missing something here.


  11. I was looking at one of the earlier entries. For Sintex plastics there is release of pledge for 75lac shares which is a good sign. But when I checked on BSE website for more details I could find a bit confusing disclosure. On 3-Oct-17 there is release of pledge. On 4-Oct-17 there is again creation of pledge for 75lac shares. So not sure what is happening. Could you please explain. Thanks.

    • A pledge release may or may not translate into price action. If at all it does, the price action is likely temporary.

      Revoking a pledge and creating a new pledge implies getting out of a costly loan and obtaining a cheaper one.

  12. Dear Sir,

    Request your comments on LT Foods. It has launched its American subsidiary and also products in JV with Japan’s Kameda.

    How is it for short-term and long term investment.

  13. Sir, With respect to your bullish view on Viceroy Hotrels I bought 800 share at 22.85 and now trading at 16.95, What is your opinion on this stock. Can i hold or not.
    Thanks in advance for your valuable reply,


  14. Thanks a lot sir, This helps for a market newbie like me. I am looking for long term investment and looking at pharma and food as sectors. Any specific favorites? Thanks

  15. Sir,
    Should we book profits in DCW or hold on?
    With the rise in prices of Caustic Soda, I believe​ the company can do well.
    But, after seeing that promoters have sold off shares weeks before Q2 Results, I don’t understand what to do.
    Also, Q1 nos. Were very bad.

    • Unsure why management is selling. If the selling is to give the company an unsecured loan for expansion, or for selling to a powerful investor without creating new shares, then that is good. Otherwise, the selling will soften up the price.

  16. Thank you for this valuable service for novice investors. Can you share your views on Renewable energy prospects in general and Suzlon in particular?

  17. Great sir.. Irony is I spotted you late. Just want to have your valuable short insight on JMT auto.. Is there a potential upside. Holding company is a amtek auto…

    Thank you sir

  18. Hi Sir,

    Another query w.r.t DCW, I am unable to locate the insider trade data on 31st oct on bse/ nse website. Could you please guide me to the correct source / link?


  19. Dear Sunil ji ,

    came across your blogs which i think are top class for lay investors. My compliments sir.

    I would say Tata Global is a good stock .Starbucks plans to increase outlets to 1000 plus over next 3 years. Its only 100 now. Do review


  20. Dear Sunil ji,
    I was late to find hidden gem like you who spares your precious time and shares your views with us. Thank you sir. Keep up the good work.

  21. Sir, it is great to job.

    I’m really happy that I found someone who really believes in sharing knowledge.

    Sir,I am a master’s in Highway engineering and interested in stock market since childhood, I would like to learn the art of stock picking.

    Need your suggestion how to start, like which books/blogs to refere for a beginner.

    Best regards,

  22. Sir,
    Do keep an eye on Aksh Optifibre.
    JM Finance insiders have suggested a massive target in 2 years.
    Please do check out Plastiblends India.
    Largest manufacturer of Color & Additive Master Batches.
    Supplies to alot of sectors.
    Worthy enough to make it to your Long-term bets.

  23. Dear Sunil ji,

    Its always difficult to find hidden gems in stock market. Same way in real life also its very difficult to find real market here like you. it took 12 years for me, after starting trading in market since 2005, to find a GEM like you. Real time information sharing and attending the individuals query is your USP. Tracking you since last 20 days and found that you got superb potential to pick stock. i am still struggling with research and try to pick good one but still find difficulties. Anyways will try to meet you some day in person and will learn to do so. Hope you will keep doing this knowledge sharing and make others happy. Your information helps us in picking stocks.

    Thanks for the good efforts. Do well. Be safe. Have healthy and wealthy life.

    Your Fan & Follower
    Kamlesh Bhatt
    Ahmedabad, Gujarat

  24. Sir no word for you
    You done supperbb work. May God fullfil your all desires what you want in lyf

    Que om metail status for long? Cmp 69around

  25. Sir,
    I’d like to tell you something MM Rubber.
    I met this person at a technical analysis workshop who suggested me to buy MM Rubber it was 14Rs before some months. And gave a target of 4 digits. YESS, 4 digits!
    He said that it is a sister concern of MRF and within some years they would merge it with MRF.
    This would be very beneficiary for MM Rubber.
    I’ve been trying to buy it, but it is a very very low volume script.
    Do track it if you can.

  26. Sir,
    Kesar Petro Products on BSE shown Promoter share jumped from 32% to 67%. But you say Promoter sold. I couldn’t get it. Why they sold after September ?
    Please help

  27. 15/11/2017 531952 RIBATEX MOHIT KUMAR S 10,000 147.5
    15/11/2017 531952 RIBATEX MOHIT KUMAR B 53,129 144.13

    It looks like on RIBATEX he bought at 144 and sold at 147 ?
    How is this positive ?

  28. Hi Sir,

    I am new joinee to this forum,
    In Godavari drugs in few weeks promoters bought around 3.5% stake in different transactions , do you see any positive news in it (a stake sale or acquisition by big pharma company ).

    I am holding some stocks ,please express your views on them:

    Prozone intu – it’s already doubled for me
    HFCL – @29
    Karnataka bank @151
    High ground enterprises @10.2
    Welspun enterprises @144

    Planning to buy some shares of 20 microns after your post.


  29. Hello Sirji

    As per your blog Promoter of Sintex Plastic Tech bought 40L shares between 14-17/11. I wanted some educational information regarding this:
    1) Where do you track such an activity? I checked on block/bulk deals on nse but it never got reported
    2) Doesnt the promoter need to issue a disclosure on his every sale/purchase? I am unable to locate the same
    3) Whenever a promoter buys, does he have to hold it as a lock-in period?
    4) Why hasnt promoter activity been reflected in the share price?


  30. Heritage Foods Ltd
    BUY – Indgrowth Capital Fund I – 358709 shares @Rs 740
    SELL – Striver Capital Advisors Private Limited – 359500 shares @Rs 740

  31. As per BSE on 22nd there has been an acquisition of Kushal shares in 2 tranches and the % shareholding has gone up or is there a gap in my understanding.

    • There are 2 things here.. first is that the BSE reports a “disposal”.. here is a cut-paste from the BSe site
      536170 Kushal Ltd Mrs Namrata Sandeep Agrawal Promoter 43724650 (18.43) Equity Shares 1,56,630 Disposal
      it shows the % of shareholding increasing to 18.49% from 18.43%.. so this indicates purchase. To be honest, I am confused. In any case I have reported the transaction as bullish news.

      Please do check this link:

      Key in Kushal in the security’s name and check. I the meanwhile, I will edit my comment suitably. Thanks.

  32. dear
    sunilji want to buy 5009 share of anik industry @ 54 pls inform me any ur view in this script as early as possible

  33. Thanks for your updates .it really helps . What’s you view on Ashok leyland . You recommended on 107 ….can I expect 140 in dad expiry ?
    Thanks for your time and analysis

  34. Bhageria: Over the last few days, Reform trading company has been selling and the stake seems to be picked up by Bhageria family members. So seems quite positive. I had studied this one but could not understand the logic/economics of going into solar power project (as Peter Lynch says I am also a bit paranoid of these di-worsifications ). Would be grateful if you can have a look at this when you get time. Thanks.

    • 1. sales 489 cr – debtors 261 cr, and they operate a daily cash business (dairy)

      2. Op loss 131 cr, exceptional income 206 cr

      3. Cash flow from ops -222cr

      decades old company, diversifying in real estate/mining, etc.

      Such companies should be rolling in profits. I think you should watch q on q performance and buy at a higher rate wen the co starts reporting +ve cash flow consistently

  35. Sir,
    How come the investor of IVC sold his possession @28.95, when the day’s low is 29.15?
    A quick reply would be appreciated

  36. Now I have become a regular visitor to your blog. It is very useful. On 29.12.2017 you have mentioned that promoters of Adani Ports purchased 35 lakh shares @405/-. However I could not find that data.

    As you are updating the blog, it is very useful to everyone whoever visit your blog.

  37. Sir,
    Give your opinion on OMMETAL Infra, Shivalik Rasayana and Sree Rayalaseema High Strength Hypo ltd at CMP

  38. Sir I dont see SUbex there. I saw you recommended few days back. isn’t that a good stock which haven’t rally recently and have potential?

    • Promoter was buying around 80 levels.. and then suddenly the Panama Papers news hit the stock.. unsure how it will behave from here

  39. sir today promoter buying, tomorrow selling and we are being trapped…….I think number of visitor of this page increasing day by day….you should take more care for this…it’s obviously a humble request… need to published all the bulk deals……only your favorite deals….sir please please please 🙂 🙂 🙂

  40. Can I get such data of Vikas Ecotech?? I want to know what’s happening in this stock?? Holding huge quantity at came down from 48 to 38.
    Or can you get me some info abt this stock??

  41. Sir
    Firstly, I want to congratulate you for creating this very useful and informative website. I can understand the efforts in writing all the blogs and providing updated information and advise. I have two queries – 1. Can we subscribe your daily blogs to our email? 2. where is the link to see the daily hot BSE/NSE deals on the website. Kind regards.

  42. Dear Sir
    Your view on 3i infotech can I buy large quantities at CMP, also about Suzlon is it the right time to buy. Should I wait for some more correction?. Thanks in advance

  43. Dear Sir,

    As long term views My Buying price @10.35 Quantity 8750 No. shares can i Hold or sell ,After correction Add more quantity Please suggest

    Thanks in Advance Sir Ji

  44. Dear Mr. Tinani,

    With respect to S H Kelkar – How do we know that the promoters are buying? The category states ‘Other’.

    Thank you for guiding us in this wild jungle called the Share Market.

    Best regards.


  45. Sir, Your view on Signet Industries? Is it still a ‘BUY’ after SEBI categorized it in the list of suspected shell companies (though SEBI later didn’t found any evidence against the company).

  46. Sunil sir,
    What about Shiva global agro , around 40000 stocks sold by promoter in this month… Do you have any views?

  47. Sir, Your view on SRHHYPO result. Company seems to holding back the inventory as chemical asset increased to more than 400 core In December.

  48. Sir , just I looking your blog so many positive comments on you , how you feel sir.

    Sir want to invest 1 lakh in the market for my children education , now he is class iv. long term holding so 7-8 yers so can accumulate 20 -25 lacs , Please suggest 3-4 stock.

  49. Sir, CHD developers allotmented 1.45cr preferrential shares to Ashish kacholia and not to promoters .

  50. Sunil ji ,sincere grateful thanks.Request your views on Minda Corp,Kingfa Sc and Ashapura Intimate.Have big chunk of Sintex P T @100.Advise plz,lot loss.

    • Go to SAST disclosures on BSE and search Websol. It is a dynamic page that keeps updating every hour so information keeps changing

      • Thank you sir. One last question why do people buy off market. As per my understanding off market purchase is done when exchange is not involved. What is the rationale behind this?

        • If one promoter or large investor wants to sell and if the market is illiquid, or when the stock is suspended, then an off market transaction takes place.

  51. Sir – your opinion on Himadri Specialty and Sumedha Fiscal? I also follow you on twitter. Keep tweeting Sir. Your opinions matter to novices like us.

  52. sir, you shared a BSE link to check all daily details and earlier date details of any stock where promotors have pledged or invoked plus any other deal that might have taken place.

    I just embarked on that link my coincidence and now I am unable to locate it.

    I searched through your entire website but unable to find that link.

    Can you please share that again

  53. Dear sir ,you are the best in stock market who guide each and everyone without anything in return.thank you so much for being with us.
    I just checked Bhansali engineering they increased their stake and bought back pleged shares also .what u think about this company as an investment .waiting for your reply

  54. Xchange Solution..
    Promoter bought @ 11%..but promoter already holding 78% as per stock axis..
    Can they buy this much qty..?

  55. Hello Sir,

    Thank you very much, I am a silent follower on Twitter and regulartly read your articles on this website.

    Can you tell me how do I read this data at NSE and BSE. I mean how do I get the list of all the companies where promoters increased/decreased their stake?

    • Me too but I booked loss at 16. Global sugar production exceeds consumption. Moreover sugar consumption is falling because it is directly related to deadly diseases. If global production falls, then there is a ray of hope for the industry

  56. Sir I could not find a stock by name of Bhageria Chemicals. There is Bhageria Industries and Bhagiradh Chemicals. I am assuming you were talking about one of the two. Can you pls clarify?

  57. Sunil Jee, my words can’t express my gratitude and happiness for the kind of work you are putting up. You explain things in such a beautiful manner that a novice can become an expert with practice from your modules. If India had more people like you we shall reach financial independence. Long Live Bullbull.

  58. Sir your view on almondz and Menon pistons

    My buying price are 34 and 36 respectively.

    Both were based on your recommendation.

    Almondz global is in consolidation mode from a month or so, also the volumes are not much.

    Menon had posted good Q1 but the stock has fallen a lot.

    Please guide

  59. Sir, unable to find posts after 23 July. Is there any change in the url address or no updation has happened since then?

    • Insiders get up to 4 days to report. So the volume reported may have been traded on an earlier day.

  60. I am glad to have found this site. Trying to use it for my investment and trading .thanks for sharing the results of your hardwork.

  61. Today’s Ichimoku chart for Apollo Tyres, 60, NSE indicates bearish trend.
    CL is cross over downward BL. Price is below BL and cloud. Red Cloud
    Could you please confirm this.

    • Yes, Vivek. These are now available for clients and Telegram Channel subscribers only.

      I will update the post saying so. Thanks.

    • Vivek, I have stopped updating the Insider Deals post and have shifted the information to my Telegram channel.

  62. Hello Sir,

    Is your insider deals updated daily page getting updated daily? I can only see till DEC2018

    • Written on top

      “This list was updated till 7 December 2018. From 8th December, it is now available for clients and Telegram Channel subscribers only. I need to monetize the site without compromising on educational content. Thanks for understanding”

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