The BullBull Business Opportunity for Entrepreneurs & CAs

indian entrepreneurs business opportunity

This is a straightforward, no frills, very high reward business opportunity ideal for:

— People who are passionate about the stock market

— Practicing Chartered Accountants

— Established business owners who can either devote time or hire people to operate a brokerage

What is the business?

It is a stock market brokerage that is different from regular and discount brokers.

It empowers active clients with LIVE information and knowledge, by using an online content delivery model.

Think about the business like this:

All active clients receive training (by experienced professionals) for free — this is an extremely valuable offer because a single training conference cost can run into 5 figures.

Secondly, all active clients receive live market intelligence for free. Had they subscribed to a stock market magazine, they would have to wait 15 days for the same kind of intelligence they will be provided here in a live environment.

Note that nothing is recorded. Information and knowledge shared is in a LIVE environment.

Active clients can also request an analysis for free — to help them invest in SIPs or decide about an existing holding, or anything else.

The mechanisms of how the online content delivery model works will be revealed only to the selected business partner. All training is centralized, you do not have to do anything.

The Vision and Mission

The business owner who is interested in the franchise must be extremely disciplined and helpful to investors and traders.

Ethics are foremost — as responsible business owners you must not keep passing tips to your clients without giving them a valid reason to buy or sell the stock.

Business partners should pass on tips after buying stock. If they do, they must disclose their, their family’s and friends’ interests in the stock, and whether they intend to sell the stock after recommending it.

The idea is to empower the investor. However, many brokers do not do so because they are afraid of losing clients to discount brokers after the investor becomes self-reliant. But this should not be anything to worry about because the business model is such that if you lose one customer, you will gain 10.

All this is easy to write but very difficult to practice in real life. Therefore, the business partner selection process will be picky and choosy.

The bottom line is that you must nurture your client. The goal is to empower him with knowledge and information and guide him on the right path. Though earning brokerage is important, you must know that once you guide someone on the right path, he will not leave you, especially because you will continue to provide him with cutting-edge knowledge and information.

Business Profitability and Potential

The business partner gets to keep 60% of the brokerage he generates.

He gets clients by a three-pronged strategy:

(i) through of his own efforts

(ii) through 50% of the Twitter inquiries from his city/area that are passed on to him

(iii) through business promotions made using paid online advertisements and social media reach by @TheBullBull on Twitter

The icing on the cake is that the business partner owns a unique brokerage, first of its kind in India, and also gets the advantage of being among a select few.  This is because the number of franchisees will be extremely limited.

Also note that the emphasis is on “active clients”. If the client is inactive then he does not enjoy any of the privileges mentioned below (and above too).

What Your Active Clients Get

— Free LIVE training on a wide range of subjects (To-the-point 1-hour courses on Stock Picking, Technicals, Fundamentals, Options, NISM courses, Market IQ, and more)

— They can request an analysis of any company of their choice, for whatever reason

— They get LIVE market intelligence (interviews with management, chats with employees, announcement analyses, technical calls, fundamental picks, etc. — just like you would get in a journal that’s published every 15 days)

In the future, we will arm every active client with a working machine learning algorithm that generates profitable trades. This too will be free.

Other add-ons and apps are planned as well, but these will be revealed over time.

Your Investment

Refundable Security Deposit to the main broker for equity and commodity: Rs 50,000

Exchange fees for activation of account: Rs 13,000 approx.

NISM Certification fee for Equity Derivatives: Rs 1,500 if you take the exam, or Rs 2,500 if you attend the e-CPE course.

Online content delivery model: Rs 6,000

Domain name, https certificate and web space: Approximately Rs 10,000 will be charged and you will have to pay directly to GoDaddy (Note that your content delivery website will have to be controlled by us as the content is centralized, and while your control delivery site will be controlled by us, you will get all the bills from GoDaddy in your name)

Your total investment in this venture works out to about Rs 81,500, give or take 3%.

How Much Brokerage will You Charge Your Clients

0.1% for regular traders and investors; 0.2% for infrequents; and it can go lower for volume traders.


The broker will provide all the tools to the Business Partner — Trading app, desktop trading tool, daily brokerage reports, new client reports, monthly, weekly, etc., reports as desired by the Business Partner.

Call to Trade numbers will be provided, but it is also expected that Business Partners to facilitate client trading in any manner they can.

Number of Business Partners

This is a niche business and has fierce potential and that is the reason why we are looking for a few business partners that have the passion for stock markets and the energy to grow really big.

Here are our Business Partner requirements:

Mumbai — 6 Business Partners at a comfortable distance from each other

Gujarat — 1 per city

New Delhi — 4 Business Partners at a comfortable distance from each other

Delhi NCR — 1 per NCR

Bangalore — Already Taken

Kolkata — 3 Business Partners

Chennai — 2 Business Partners

Hyderabad — 2 Business Partners

Other towns — 1 per town

All India Options Desk – Hedged Monthly options that provide superior returns (Already Taken)

So, well, if you want to become a learn-n-earn brokerage, empower investors, keep building clients and grow big at a steady pace, and of course if this business opportunity interests you, please fill in this form and we’ll get back to you.

You also will learn how the live training will be delivered to clients. That is for later, let’s first check the interest levels.

Please note that business depends on your acumen and dedication, not investment, which is close to nothing. 


Thanks for your interest and here’s to doing business together.

22 Comments on "The BullBull Business Opportunity for Entrepreneurs & CAs"

  1. Sir,
    How is this different from Zerodha or other brokerage.
    Do you have any thoughts for Japan ( I am in Japan)

    • The brokerage model involves training on various aspects in a way that the client becomes a stock picker (trader or investor). The model also publishes market intelligence that one would otherwise miss out on. Zerodha is a discount brokerage. This is a regular priced service, but the benefits you receive are priceless. If you know enough NRI stock traders, you can join, if interested. Thanks.

  2. I m interested in deal and I m certified investor advisor and have 15 years of overall experience in field of equity derivative mutual fund.

  3. Sir, I understand this is obviously for the one who understands the market well. But how the novice in market like me can benefit of this?

  4. Sridhara Annappa | October 11, 2018 at 11:48 pm | Reply

    Sir,i am from Bangalore. I can see already taken. If any future availability , will be interested .

  5. Subhendu Ghosh | October 12, 2018 at 4:15 pm | Reply

    Sir I’m from Kolkata. I want to be a client. What should i do?

  6. Piyush Prashant pant | October 13, 2018 at 10:55 am | Reply

    Link is not working sir.
    Which broker u will choose

  7. Hello Sir,
    iam from pune very much passionate about stock market. iam interested in a franchise

    • Hi Abhishek, aside from passion, it requires full time work and dedication.

      • Yes i do agree with you and Being a technical analyst( though not an expert) i have very much dedication towards it. I track stock market everyday and invented on a couple of my own technical set ups. Though iam not an expert you can test my knowledge/skill. Thank you.

        • It doesn’t matter whether you are good at TA or not. What matters is whether you will make brokerage a full time profession. I’m not choosing people based on their TA talent, am more interested in their entrepreneurship abilities

  8. Hello Sir,
    I am willing to make a brokerage a full time profession with complete dedication. If possible let me know the specific requirements for brokerage house. I would like to know more about it.

  9. Thank you !!!

  10. B R Akash Jain | October 15, 2018 at 4:13 pm | Reply

    Hello Sir,

    Could you please mail the details to me as well. I am in the financial markets since a few years and currently I am in a position to dedicate full time towards brokerage.
    Look forward to the details and hearing from your end.

    Thanks so much,

  11. Sir, I had shown interest to your earlier tweet but missed updates on filling the sheet. I am from delhi/ncr(ghaziabad) and interested in your plan. I am into full time trading and was planning to start free education series. It would be good to join your team as partner. you can reach me at ( if still considering expression of interests.

  12. I am interested in this business partnership and I tried to fill in the form but getting an error message

    “The form BullBull Business Opportunity is no longer accepting responses.
    Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake.”

  13. Subhendu Ghosh | November 7, 2018 at 6:31 pm | Reply

    Hello Sir, Is it ready?

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