Indicator Analysis Signal (0 - 10) Chart
RSI RSI is 20.2. According to RSI analysis, mohotaind is oversold. 7
MACD MACD: -34.3 and Signal Line: -32.2. According to MACD analysis, mohotaind is technically weak. 2
SMA Price: 214.0 20-SMA:269.1 50-SMA:328.3 200-SMA:214 NA
MA Price: 214.0 20-EMA:262.1 50-EMA:323.5 200-EMA:214 NA
BOLLINGER-BANDS %b is 0.147. According to bollinger bands, mohotaind is technically weak. 3
FIBONACCI-RETRACEMENT According to fibonacci retracement, price is below all levels. Resistance levels are 259.2249 and 275.975. Support level is 205.0. 2.5
ATR ATR: 21.7 NA
ADX ADX is 30.4 which means MOHOTAIND is in a trend. NA