Indicator Analysis Signal (0 - 10) Chart
MACD MACD: 0 Signal Line: 0 NA
SMA Price: 229.05 20-SMA:238.1 50-SMA:229.1 200-SMA:229.1 NA
MA Price: 229.05 20-EMA:236.9 50-EMA:229.1 200-EMA:229.1 NA
BOLLINGER-BANDS Bollinger bandwidth suggests that a squeeze has ended and a brekout below the lower band has happened which is indicating a decline in price further. %b is 0.00278. According to bollinger bands, newgen has recently hit the lower band which is a negative signal. 1
FIBONACCI-RETRACEMENT According to fibonacci retracement, no levels identified. NA
ATR ATR: 7.64 NA
ADX ADX is 30.3 which means NEWGEN is in a trend. NA