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This Sector May Quench Your Multibagger Thirst


One day all farmers and small towns folks will use smart or satellite phones, drive around on motorable roads in electric vehicles, and do commerce online.

Phone companies will sell phones, optic fibre cable companies will lay cables, infra companies will build roads, and software companies will build apps or online utilities.

Of course, to thrive in such an environment you must be neat and clean and have access to all the basics.

Included in the basics is the toilet/bathroom for all (specifically in villages and small towns).

Building toilets are included in the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan and so that angle is covered.

So what is the need for this article? And what is the multibagger sector we’re talking about?

Well, this article’s inspired by a chat I had with a couple of my journalist pals.

Running water is essential for all, and specifically for those living in very small towns and villages. Today toilets are being constructed but these are not equipped with running water.

Therefore, subsequent governments will have to spend on laying pipes if they truly want mofussil India to lead a quality life.

Now, we all know water is a scarce resource and that the day is not far when we will establish powerful desalination plants.

But we need water pipes to transport water from the desalination plant to cities and villages.

I’m sure the picture has become clear for you folks.

In the long term (say 4-5 years),  WATER PIPE companies will be on cloud 9 and if you invest in these today, you’ll end up very rich.

Now there are two kinds of water pipes – PVC and iron ductile. PVC pipes can be violated if they stretch for 100s of miles and therefore iron ductile pipes will be used for transporting water over long distances, while PVC pipes will be used for last mile transport.

Here is a list of companies that operate in this space. I have seen that these stocks are being picked up by strong hands. You too can judge by tracking the price and volume data.

Remember that you are responsible for all your financial decisions.

I’ll be happy if you could pitch in with more company names in the comments section. Thanks.

ITD Cementation171This is a solid share for all seasons. Into many verticals, including water and wastewater treatment.
Electrosteel Castings23.75Mfrs iron ductile pipes and has decent fundamentals BUT there's a CBI probe ongoing and that could cause financial pain. If it weren't for the CBI case, this would have been a good pick. For now, it is worth tracking the stock until the case clears.
Srikalahasthi Pipes 300Earlier Lanco Industries. belongs to the Electro Steel Castings group. These are no CBI cases against it.
Electrotherm India228Looks terrific from the business model POV.. pipes, EVs, renewable power, engineering. BUT this company is making losses and has been classified as an NPA and therefore looks highly priced.
Jindal Saw113This is a good stock and the only negative about it is that it's political (Naveen Jindal).
Tijaria Popypipes7Penny stock. Into losses. In irrigation and pipes (HDPE).
Jain Irrigation95Been recommended as a multibagger for long, but stock price has been sleeping for a while now.
Indian Hume Pipe491Quality stock
Premier Pipes2.70Penny stock. Profitable. Do your own diligence.
Captain Pipes76MSME stock.. there will be minimum quantity to buy
Finolex Industries632Well, this hi quality company does not need a recommendation.
APL Apollo Tubes1688Another high quality company that can go places. High PE though.
Dutron Polymers123High PE but good stock.
Astral Poly738Another quality stock
Advance Steel Tubes(NA)This is a listed company because it has an Investors section on its website, but I cannot find it on BSE/NSE.
Supreme Industries1109Quallity stock, needs no recommendation
Kisan Mouldings128Contributed by Aritra Mukherjee/Mukesh
Sintex Plastics90Contributed by Aritra Mukherjee
Raunaq EPC155Very low capital of 3.34 cr + Porinju owns small stake. This company specializes in cross country piping
Shriram EPC20.25Loss making company, but handles water transport



  1. You may want to add Sintex Plastic Technology in the list which is a big player in this segment and quoting cheap valuation post demerger from Sintex Ind. Another big PVC player would be Kisan Moulding. Recently Snr B has bought 2L shares of Kisan Moulding @119. Kriti Ind could be a good bet too.. but things are not so clear.

  2. And there’s one from your earlier recos.. EPC India from Mahindra.. does the same business as Jain Irrigation. Not a loss making company.. quoting cheap compared to Jain with FV10.

  3. Request members to share their views on management quality of Jain Irrigation. Good businesses backed by suspicious management can erode shareholder value.

  4. I prefer Srikalahsti, Sintex and ITD for their valuations being attractive. Ind Hume has to show good profits. Till then waiting.

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