How To Draw A Trendline: A Step By Step Guide

Technical chartists always assume that stock prices prices trend. To figure out support and resistance levels, chartists draw trendlines. A trendline, therefore, is a sloping line (that you draw) which helps you identify levels of support or resistance. HOW TO INTERPRET TRENDLINES a. If the price moves up and pierces the trendline, it is a bullish signal….

how to analyze ashwani gujral

A Guide to Ashwani Gujral

Would you go all the way to Delhi to shoot Ashwani Gujral’s picture for this blog post? Of course, you won’t. So I took your unsolicited advice and borrowed the featured photo from this site. Okay, let’s start. I know many investors do not like Ashwani Gujral and folks that listen to him are often…

Gujarat poly electronics multibagger

Gujarat Poly Electronics, A Compelling Turnaround Story

6 March 2018 Before you go any further, know this: I own some stock (disclosure). Markets are copy and therefore the information in this post should be absorbed and the stock should be tracked. In my opinion, the stock becomes attractive when it drops to 10-12 levels. All the information in this post is based…

month time period on chart for finding multibaggers

6 Powerful Candle Formations

Before reading this piece, I’d urge you to read the following posts: Candlestick Formations How To Set a Candlestick Time Period on Charts A part of this article is based on a technical session conducted by Rajan Kamboj. The rest is based on what I know and practice. 1: DOJI IN A BEAR MARKET To…

selecting time period on charts

How To Choose A Candlestick Time Period on a Chart

Beginner traders and investors often get confused about the time period to set while performing technical analysis. Depending on the trading style and strategy, you should choose from the following time periods: Monthly Weekly Daily Intraday (represented in minutes and hour/s) Another thing the beginner must know is that volumes are extremely important, and therefore…

how to interpret open interest data

How To Interpret Open Interest Data

It seems like market will be extremely volatile starting now (Feb 2018) and therefore now is the time to understand how Open Interest (OI) data can be interpreted. Understanding such data can help you understand how stocks will trend in the cash market. Know that I am not asking you folks to trade FNO, I…