How it works

Here’s how you benefit by signing up with BullBull:

A. Free Coaching

Once an account holder becomes active (brokerage is generated), he is mailed a username and password to an exclusive Clients section.

For every Re 1 of brokerage spent, account holders receive one Brokerage Credit. So, if an account holder spends Rs 750 on brokerage, he receives 750 Brokerage Credits.

After logging in, he can check a Course Calendar and register for any course so long he has enough brokerage credits. Each course costs 750 Brokerage Credits.

Each course will be conducted by an expert on weekends through webinars.

You get priceless knowledge that can help you make a good stock picker.

B. Live Market Intelligence

Active members get access to a Telegram channel that reports corporate news, technical picks, fundamental picks, alerts based on powerful techno-fundamental screeners, company updates, interviews, and more.

Think of it as a full scale market intelligence journal that is published live instead of (once in two weeks).

C. Request-An-Analysis Service

Active members can ask us to analyze any company. The Analysis will be techno-funadamental and will cover AR, business prospects, ratios, technicals, and whether the stock is invest-worthy. Each analysis costs 750 Brokerage Credits.

This will help you plan SIPs and compound growth.

D. Affordable Brokerage Rates


Maximum Rate: 0.2% delivery/0.02% day trades

If you trade often, we will review your account and redduce your brokerage slab after 3 months.

High volume traders who trade 1+ cr per day: 600/crore can be arranged


Options: Rs 30 per lot (as low as Rs 15 for pro traders)

Futures: (infrequent traders): 0.02%

Futures: (frequent traders): 0.01%

Commodity: 0.01%

SIPs: 0.5%

E. Reversal of Account Opening Charges

The standard account opening and demat charges work out to about Rs 1,500.

These are debited to customers in 10 days after his account opens.

These are IMMEDIATELY REVERSED if client transfers Rs 25,000 as trading margin).

(use code PJTI to be eligible for the benefits specified below)

Need Help?


Branch Manager:

95921 80525 or 96461 08819 or 87280 48106 (Refer code PJTI to be eligible for the benefits specified below)

V. Kumar 95696 74857 (Refer code PJTI to be eligible for the benefits specified below)

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