How To Rate Your Stock & Figure Out Trending Stocks & Sectors

find trending stocks and sectors

It is natural that many folks worry about the stocks that they own and therefore want to know from time to time how that stock is doing from the fundamental and technical point of view.

Then there are folks who want to figure out which sectors are on the rise and which stocks can gain in prices and make them a profit either in the short- or the long-term.

Well, instead of asking experts, here is what you got to do:

A. Install the STOCK AXIS app

Here is how the interface looks:

Stock Axis app download

B. Analyze your Stock

The Stock Axis  app is a very powerful piece of technology. Backed by a strong algorithm that measures fundamentals, technicals and market activity,  the app allots a number between 1-99, with the 99 score being the strongest.

Read through the ratings information to familiarize yourself:

how stock axis app rates a stock

Now, go back to the interface and tap the Analyzer.

Tap the Analyzer and enter your stock name. For example, I entered Aarvee Denims. Here’s what the app threw up:

how to use the stock axis app

The app rates Aarvee denim at 21/99, which is pretty weak, but suggests that the trend is UP.

The rating and trend are two different things. Stock axis takes into account fundamentals, technicals, volumes, price fluctuations, beta and other factors in their proprietary formula, which no one knows. But it is quite effective.

However, your antenna must go up whenever you see a conflict in the score and the trend suggested by the app. In the case of Aarvee Denims, I would rather track the stock’s technicals and browse through their news announcements and keep watching price movements before making any decision (because a score of 21/99 is poor).

The Stock Axis app is very powerful. It also displays quarterly results, annual results, cash flow, key ratios and news. After you are done with checking the trend, you should read the fundamentals, and then head to Top Stock Research to read through the technicals, if you know how to read these.

C. Figure Out Hot Sectors

Tap on the Top 10 Industries to figure out trending sectors. You can then tap each sector and check the stocks listed. Tapping on each stock throws up the financial details.

trending sectors NSE

D. Figure Out Trending Stocks

Tap on the CHANGE IN TREND to figure out trending sectors. Stock Axis measures stocks every end of day and points out stocks that have reversed their trend.

Trending stocks NSE


The Stock Axis app may be a superb piece of technology, but don’t consider it as the Bible. Use it to figure out your stock’s trend, learn of buzzing industries and stocks and then head to Top Stock Research (another terrific site) for more incisive technical data.

After performing research, check with your broker before making any decision.

Finally, remember one thing – that any stock that is losing cash on a operational level for several years in a low does not merit any consideration.

Over to you. Good luck.




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    • It’s above average. You can use it for initial research and then use other tools such as

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