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This list is updated every trading day. I typically avoid Penny and illiquid stocks, and deals that look suspicious.

24-4-18Associated Alcohol110,400 sold at 385InvestorThis stock is already in the news because cult investor Dolly Khanna has gotten in. Tread carefully.
24-4-18TWENTYFIRST CENTURY MANAGEMENT SERVICES31,940 bought at 40.90PromoterPromoter's been buying since the stock was at 33 levels. This is a bullish signal.
24-4-18Kirloskar Electric Company50,000 bought at 237PromoterGood sign
24-4-18Larsen & Toubro Infotech 3,09,409 sold at 1527PromoterStock is higher than the sale price. Promoter's been selling since 1100 and the stock has been rising. Looks good.
24-4-18Oceanic Foods----BSE SME stock worth tracking. Makes dehydrated foods.
24-4-18GATI Net 1.6 lakh shares bought at 120InvestorStock hit UC..
24-4-18Hathway Cable & Datacom 255,44,922 sold at 36CLSA Stock closed at 35.15
24-4-18Kwality Limited Net 9 lakh shares sold at 50InvestorSeems like the fire sale is on. Unsure when it will stop.
23-4-18Minda Corp1,080,000 bought at 182Ashish KacholiaBullish
23-4-18V.I.P.INDUSTRIES106500 bought at 391PromotersBullish. Promoter's been buying regularly.
23-4-18SH KelkarApprox 76000 shares soldPromoter.. but the stock held on to its price.. earlier the promoters were buying, and now they are selling.. both events have not impacted the price.. unsure what's up
23-4-18LT Infotech11,43,909 sold around 1395PromoterStock jumped 115 bucks today. been suggesting this stock since 800-1100 levels..
23-4-18Kwality----68 lakh shares got invoked.. be very wary of operators trying to lure you in
23-4-18Astra MicrowaveAbout 11.5 lakh shares net bought at 84InvestorsSeems like this dog has woken up.. track its moves, don't jump in
23-4-18CIMMCO1,11,511 sold at 94.80Porinju's FundStock is now at 92, after falling to 86. Unsure what's up.
23-4-18KWALITYNet 10.4 lakh shares sold at 53.75InvestorDog stock, lousy corporate governance.. best to avoid

For older deals, please view this Excel Sheet. You can copy the data into your Excel sheet and analyze.


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  1. Dear Sir,
    please advise on Subex for 5 to 6 Years View

  2. Shivakumar B M | April 17, 2018 at 4:31 pm | Reply

    Dear Sir,
    Please advise me on Sunil Hi-tech Engineering. I bought 101 shares @ 11.25…it was decreased Rs 7.10 last week.

  3. Hi sunil, are you tracking/Whats your take on the following:
    1. Archidply Industries
    2. SInclair Hotels
    3. Apollo Pipes
    4. Associated Alcohols

    Thanks a lot

  4. Hello Sir!

    Please allow me to know about VETO SWITCHGEAR AND CABLES LTD.
    Promotors are continuously offloading the shares and the performance of company Quarter on Quarter remains solid.

    Thank You

  5. Hi sunil ji pleas advoise about FCL’s long term story?

  6. I have menon pistons at 37 rupees, Almondz global at 34 Rupees, Sanwaria at 29 Rupees, Lanco infratech at 2 Rupees.

    If you can please advice.

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